London Economics Symposium

The London Economics Symposium was founded for students with the commitment to offer a platform for open discussion on global socio-economic and political events in a dynamic setting.

We believe stimulus for inspiration comes from listening to and interacting with influential and prominent people in their fields. The London Economics Symposium aims to form an effective dialogue between students, academics and leaders to foster a holistic view on world affairs.

The key goal of this event is for all parties to actively seek debate on today's relevant and pressing issues. Consequently these discussions should enhance students' contextual appreciation of current events as well as share speakers' accumulated knowledge. Greater understanding of the present is the link, which leads to creative far-sighted and visionary thinking for our future. It is the responsibility of the world leaders to guide and contribute their insight to the next generation.

We see the continuum of the London Economics Symposium as imperative. We hope to further engage, inspire and educate a broad range of students from diverse cultural backgrounds in sight of preparing future global leaders for the challenges of tomorrow.

The London Economics Symposium is a registered Charity in England and Wales (number: 1155259)

Please find below some pictures of our Symposium which took place in January 2015.